The “MARURI” d.o.o. company based in Novi Sad,was establised by the application of the act of law in 2005 as an extension of uninterrupted operation of design offices “Delta-Inzenjering”(established in 1995) and “Delting 021”.

The basic activity of the “MARURI” company is supplying the services of different design and technical documentation elaboration,obtaining building permits and the registration of structural engineering,construction engineering and hydroconstruction structures in the land register at municipal ,province and republic level.It performs supervision of all kind of construction work,provides logistic support and design management during the investment managing of structure construction of domestic as well as of green-field investments.

We take pride in the fact that our clients are satisfied with our services regarding quality and the respect of constructional terms.They have full confidence in our company and they contact us repeatidly in order to engage us in accomplishing their new designs.The formal acknowledgement of it is our reference list of implemented structures.

The founder and at the same tame the director of the “MARURI” d.o.o. Novi Sad company is Zeljko Martinovic,a civil engineer.He is a regular legal assessor in the field of civil engineering as well as a coordinator at the stage of designing and operation performing from the aspect of safety and health protection at work.He has made a team of professional and reliable staff with whom he accomplishes permanent continuity,expands capacities and achieves constantly better business results.Aiming at the maintenance of the quality level of services, the company offers with its own staff,Mr Martinovic engages experienced and recognized consultants and sub-contractors with remarcable experience,verified and reputable professional skill..He enables his staff advanced professional training by attending scientific and expert conferences in the region.

Feel free to contac and visit us , we are at your disposal.

‘MARURI’ d.o.o. Novi Sad.

Novi Sad,Cirpanova 1

Tel. 021 548 904; 021 548 823
Tel./Fax 021 549 184
mobile: 063 518 545

E- mail:
maruri021 @ gmail.com